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Here is a copy of a review from After Hours City


Boston BabyDolls

I'd never been to a strip club before, and for good reason. I really wasn't into

the exploitation (or at least what I thought was the exploitation) of women. In

my past I've always been a little leery about baring my, whatevers, even with

a lover or a friend, much less with a noncommittal stranger. Call it fear of being

used, but that's just how it is. So when I went to see the Boston Babydolls on Friday

night, I was a little skeptical about what I would encounter onstage at the Cambridge

YMCA. Yes, the YMCA. I was surprised as well. And you will be too after I recount the

performances of the night. An array of women and three men were the totality of the

show. I will only go over the performances that caught my eye, so as not to drone on

about every single move and shake of every ass, breast, and pasty... yes pasties,

with tassels.

Betty Blaze, one of the curvier dancers, was the humor relief of the night. Hilary, my

partner in crime, laughed hysterically as Betty made her way through the routine.

Betty Blaze ballroom danced with a puppet that gave the illusion that he (her own left arm)

was trying to feel her up. Betty went through a sex-driven tango getting groped, in reality, by

herself. The song behind the dance rang out truthfully, "You're the boss," as Betty pushed

her own left hand away from her breast, her thigh, and her... you know.

Scratch, the MC of the night, performed in a righteous fire engine red Zoot suit along with

the curvaceously gorgeous Pinky Petite, a shorter brunette with everything in the right places.

She emerged from the backstage curtains dressed as Dorothy for Halloween, asking Scratch

for candy by slowly shedding each piece of clothing until she was left wearing ruffle-assed

panties (I'm SO getting some) and pasites. Her breasts, quite possibly perfect melons, made

Hilary gasp. Apparently she liked this girl. The guy next to us took a spastic hit from his inhaler.

I guess that means he liked the show, either that, or the air was suddenly getting thin... what do

you think?

There was also a performing duo called Extreme Behavior comprised of a knife thrower and

a beautiful bodied woman who he was throwing knives at. She stood against a wooden board

and waited as he threw knives along her figure. Then, she blindfolded him and let him throw

knives at her according to where he heard her hit the wooden board. Hilary and I held our

breaths until it was over. I can't imagine having that job. Or, at least, if I did, I couldn't imagine

not killing the knife thrower if he missed. That is, if I was still standing.

Morgan was one of the more impressive dancers, as in the only professional one on the stage

that night. She proved to have had great training in jazz dance, with great flexibility and arch to

her back. We couldn't keep our eyes off of her.

And finally, the finale, or should I say, my finale. Miss Baby Jane, the youngest of the Babydolls.

She stole the show and my heart with her Marilyn Monroe figure and beach blond carefully curled

locks. I wanted to get my picture with her later on, that was for sure. Her facial expressions proved

years of theater training or natural dramatics from birth. She was also the second best dancer on the

stage that night, with expert ass moves. I sat mesmerized throughout each of her performances.

She would have danced every number if it was up to me.

In the end, it was liberating to see real women naked. No one looked like Charliz or Halley. But

rather they looked like me, except not me, because they had the guts to flaunt it. They sported

back fat, like me, unafraid to bend backwards and create, now sexy, rolls of flesh. Almost every

girl had a bit of cellulite, like me, and most women not under Hollywood or pornographic lighting.

But women. Just women. And all the things that the word 'woman' entails, but better. Unlike me

was their unashamed and unapologetic way of strutting their stuff. They were liberated, and I

felt freer just watching them feel sexy.


Harry Munroe and Vikki Velvet after the show. Proud to be

Boston Baby Dolls!



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